Services We Provide

King Kurtis Smith’s Life Transforming Blog offers several solutions for students, lovers, business owners, solution seekers depending on your needs. Below are a host of services we provide:

1. Social media consultancy: Business owners are often caught up with work and overlook the importance of a viable social media presence. To get people online abreast with your products and services. Contact us.

2. Professional Freelancer: Judging by the articles on this blog, I am sure you give our writing skills some credit. If you run a company/website/blog and desire a freelance writer to complement your work. Contact us.

3. Affiliate Marketing: Word-of-mouth advertising is still a huge lead generator for many firms/businesses. If you desire a persuasive individual to promote your products to the public via means like:
This blog with over eight thousand followers from over 100 countries worldwide.
The blog’s twitter handle @kurtissmithblog with over ten thousand followers and the blog’s blackberry profile via Pin2A5BB7C with over a thousand contacts.

4. Research Work: They is a saying we stand by on this platform which says “If its on the Internet, we’ll find it. If you need research work conducted for your articles, school work, presentations at the office/school, projects. Contact us.

5. Conduct Interviews: In a bid to get information for an article titled “Public Perception of Condoms”, we went into the street to interview shop owners and get their opinions on sales of condoms and those who purchase them. If you are in need of public opinion of your products/services. Contact us.

6. Birthday or Anniversary Writeups: If you have a spouse/relative/friend celebrating a birthday or anniversary then contact us for heart enveloping, mind blowing, air gasping, thought provoking articles/texts/messages for them. Its gonna be worth your while. Click for SAMPLE.

7. Issue Settling Avenue: Bernard had an issue with his fiancee that caused him sleepless nights. Upon contacting us about the problem at hand, he proceeded to giving us his fiancee’s number. One of our agents had a lengthy conversation with her and as they say “the rest is history”. They are happily married and she’s expecting a baby. Do you and Bernard have something in common? Contact us.

8. Birthday Shout Out: Phillip’s girlfriend was celebrating her birthday and he told us about it. He went as far as telling us how he met her and how much she has added to him. We collected her number and an agent called her. She was so happy by the conversation that she literally cried on the phone. Do you want to surprise your spouse like Phillip did. Contact us.
Contact information still remains:
Twitter: @kurtissmithblog
BB Pin: 33322C83

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