Why Anal Sex is a Forbidden Fruit

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“What’s the craziest thing you have done for love?”

It’s not a rhetorical question.

Think about it.


This same question was posed to Jennifer (not her real name) and her response was; “anal sex”.

Crazy right?

So did she enjoy the experience?

“I tried anal sex because of love and it wasn’t a good experience at all. It was so painful and I don’t think I will ever try it again. NEVER”. She said with a grim look on her face.

I can feel someone reading this is clenching her anal muscles in disgust.

Oh you weren’t before and you just did.


On a serious note, what’s anal sex (some people don’t actually know what anal sex means).

According to Wikipedia, anal sex is generally the insertion and thrusting of the erect penis into a person’s anus for sexual pleasure. Other forms of anal sex includes fingering, use of sex toys for anal penetration or oral sex performed on the anus (anilingus).

The vagina is prepared for sex just about all day, every day for most of your life. The vagina naturally lubricates in preparation for penetration but the anus has no such luck.

So why would someone poke around an organ which doesn’t have natural lubrication and was designed for excreting faeces?

Crazy people, right?!

Actually the anus has a relatively high concentration of nerve endings and can be an erogenous zone (an area of the human body that has heightened sensitivity, the stimulation of which may generate a sexual response such as sexual arousal and orgasm). This can make anal intercourse pleasurable if performed properly.

While anal sex is commonly associated with male homosexuality, research conducted by Kay Wellings et al. 2012 for the book, “Sexual Heath: A Public Health Perspective” found out that anal sex isn’t exclusively experienced in gay relationships but even in heterosexual (man and woman) relationships.

So some ladies have anal sex and enjoy it.

Weird, right?!

In preparation for this article, I asked a few female friends for their take on anal sex, their responses will be used in the proceeding paraphrases with their names changed for anonymity purposes.

“I have tried it once with a guy I had a fling with and it was very painful and discomforting and with what I have read about it. I do not wish to ever try it again”, was Stella’s response.

In Shola’s words, “It’s painful as f*ck, my ex mistakenly slid in half way. My body was oiled before the sex so it entered (not fully though) but the pain was excruciating. I would never knowingly do it with any man. I screamed and he removed it.
My asshole was red and I couldn’t sit well for a while. I had to take drugs for it. Bruises and shit. Never again”.

Uduak said she, “Tried it once and it wasn’t enjoyable to me but was to the other party. Truthfully I don’t think women enjoy it. We don’t have sweet sensors there. I stand corrected with that assumption though.”

“I have tried anal sex before and it was wasn’t so enjoyable. I felt uncomfortable and weird throughout. I don’t think anal sex is right. It loosens the anal sphincter over time (an anal sphincter is a group of muscles at the end of the rectum that surrounds the anus and controls the release of stool, thereby helping one keep stool in for a long time). It transfers germs from the anus to the vagina (during switching). Still, it can be enjoyable for those who like it.” This was Ella’s two cents on the topic.

Adanna said, “I think anal sex shouldn’t be encouraged because;
1. It increases the risk of contacting STI.
2. Increased risk of anal fistula although it is a rare complication.
3. It slacks the sigmoid colon, rectum thereby making it hard to hold in fluid.”

“You know the anus wasn’t designed for sex so it lacks the cells that create natural lubricant.”

“I have never tried anal sex and I don’t intend to try it.”

In Zita’s words, “I haven’t tried it before. I think it’s an uncomfortable thing. Imagine the pain you feel when having chronic poop come out of you, it will be a painful experience having someone shove a hard dick in there. It’s a no-no for me.”

what happens when you have Anal Sex ? Adult Humor LOL - YouTube

Anal sex is a high risk sexual practice because of the vulnerability of the anus and rectum which means participants risk contracting sexually transmitted infections. The anal and rectal tissues are delicate and do not provide lubrication like the vagina does so they can tear and permit disease transmission. In fact anal sex without protection is often considered the riskiest form of sexual activity.

Imagine having sex through the anus which makes the dick come in contact with faeces and then the same dick is inserted into the very sensitive vagina. The risk of infection is high.

STIs commonly caught through anal sex are: gonorrhoea, genital herpes, syphilis, chlamydia and HIV

Also, hemorrhoids (commonly called pile) are areas of blood vessels inside and outside of the rectum that can cause itching, slight bleeding, and sometimes pain. Anal sex can irritate existing hemorrhoids for some people. However, anal sex itself is not likely to cause hemorrhoids if a person did not already have them.

The anus is surrounded with a ring-like muscle, called the anal sphincter, which tightens after we defecate. When the muscle is tight, anal penetration can be painful and difficult. Repetitive anal sex may lead to weakening of the anal sphincter, making it difficult to hold in feces until you can get to the toilet. However, Kegel exercises to strengthen the sphincter may help prevent this problem or correct it.


Anal sex has it’s disadvantages and risks and should not be encouraged.

What’s my take on anal sex?

Don’t do it.

Not worth the pain, or risk of infection.

But just like Eve who eat the forbidden fruit, some people have tasted this forbidden fruit.

Find out by reading “The Confessions of Anal Whores“. Click HERE.



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  1. Mimi says:

    U had to ruin it wit why anal sex is a forbidden fruit? This one makes it difficult for those who haven’t done it to give it a chance. Still educating to read, nice ones hun.

  2. JeleBaba says:

    I appreciate that you wrote two posts sharing both points of view!

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