#MAnna2020: Happy (N)Ever After

Scotland Run Golf Club Wedding - TOMTOM PHOTO

It’s Anna’s big day
Be it April or May
She thought about her cake
But hey, it was safe with her namesake
She can’t help but wear a smile
As her groom comes from a mile.

Mark puts on his tie,
Nervous with his mouth filled with pie
And paces himself around the room,
Surely, he knows it isn’t a day for gloom
He stops and looks at his watch
It wasn’t an option to go late to church.

He pulls the gear of the car,
And it races up afar
It still feels like butterflies in the stomach,
But of course, he wasn’t a monarch
Bearing in mind that speed kills,
He navigates through with his skills.

He stands firmly with a stride,
Of course, waiting for his bride
With his friend standing behind,
Although he isn’t blind
With a heart filled with thoughts of his lover,
He gazes at her like a problem solver.

She walks down the aisle,
Upon the magnificent tile
Grinning from ear to ear,
Everybody wants to go near
They all want to be her,
Not knowing how many times her love went sour.

She is the center of attraction,
No stain, not even a fraction
The crown placed on her head,
Reminds them of a queen instead
Her make up and her gown,
All talk of the main town.

Then the officiating minister makes an error,
His question filled everyone with terror.
The bride looked at her groom with anguish
Just before a gentleman seated at the back filled the hall with languish.

He was done in 50 seconds and departed;
His words hit hard and aren’t for the fainthearted.
Anna fell on her knees with tears in her eyes;
Her mother rushed to her with composure as ice.

Mark froze like a deer in headlights;
It felt like his world had crashed and his mind left in fright.
The hall erupted in an almost instant roar;
Everyone with words in their mouth like a commentator.

The bride’s father approached the groom in a hurry;
But the groom moved around in a scurry.
He just wanted to be alone to clear his mind;
He seemed to forget everyone answers would find.

“Is the groom gay?”, said an elder woman to her daughter.
She looked at her mum with a look of surprise as she grabbed a glass of water.

12 Wedding Horror Stories That Will Totally Shock You - Society19


Written by: Asoro-Afoke Mudiake

Wedding Picture from: Google Pictures 


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Mr. Miraculous says:

    Hhmmm… Mudi.. Mudi… Mudi… Seriously… How many times did I call you??
    U never cease to appeal to mind’s eye with ur narrative.
    This one… Is quite exceptional… Its beyond what one could say to be ” just a poem ‘… This one na banger.

    I really enjoyed the enjoyed the piece and the pace… Not forgetting also the rhyme pattern; twas ntn less than “wow”. I equally liked for the fact u employed the use of ” rhetorical question ” by the old woman to save the narrative from the bleak.
    I really appreciate this piece.
    You are one of a kind… Kisses.

    1. Kurtis Smith says:

      Thanks dear. You’re so encouraging.

  2. Victor Takpor says:

    Wow!!! The suspense is something else… Keep them coming Hajia qudus😀👏👏👏👏

    1. Kurtis Smith says:

      Thanks big brodrrr. I appreciate you.

  3. edemavictory says:

    Nice write-up, powerful suspense, thrilling story. Well-done.

    1. Kurtis Smith says:

      Thanks my main G.

  4. Akpaki Meshach says:

    Nice piece, and powerful expenses. Hope the lady still dey alive. Lol

    1. Kurtis Smith says:

      Lol… Yes o, she’s still alive. Thank you.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Nice lines,,keep it coming

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