Girl Code: It’s Getting Late


“It’s getting late, I will soon start going”, Angela says checking her wrist watch.

Frank on the other hand didn’t get the code and strode to his wardrobe to get dressed as if Angela actually meant what she said. 

She was actually speaking in code but he didn’t get the code.

He got dressed and said to Angela, “Let’s go”.

Angela looked sad.

“Are you okay?” Frank asked.

“I’m fine”, she replied as she got her phone charging at the corner of the room, wore her jacket and left.

The ride to her house was a cold one.

She wasn’t talking to him.

He was confused.

“Did I do something wrong?”, Frank enquired.



Frank dropped her off and on his way home, dropped over at his sister’s house who was having a get together with her friends.

While conversing with the ladies, he decided to ask.

“Ladies, please when a guy invites a lady to his house and after a while she checks her watch and says ‘It’s getting late. I will soon start going’. What does she mean?” Frank enquired while sipping on a glass of Five Alive Pulpy.

“Is time to go home na”, Dorcas said with a bewildered look.

“What are you saying?”, Christiana interjected.

“It means bros do this thing na no time”, she added.

“Do what?”, Frank asked.


“Brother Frank, are you a learner?”, his sister, Rita said with a look of shook.

“Do whatever it is you had planned to do, that’s what she means” she concluded.

There was a loud laughter.

“When a girl tells you she wants to leave, she’s indirectly telling you if you want to press her, be fast about it”. Cynthia said.

“Meaning if you want to squash better act fast oo cos she’s in the mood now especially when you ain’t making any moves to get in”. Chinedu said laughing.

“Wow. What do women want? Why can’t you lot just say or do your mind, why speak in codes”.  Frank said in astonishment.

“We are ladies, we aren’t supposed to say it all. Where is the fun when we have to tell you everything? Sometimes we require you to pick the signs and act on it. But dude, when next a lady says she would soon start going, please make your move”, Sharon added.

“Ladies, its getting late. I would soon start going”, Frank said with a smile.


Everyone burst out laughing.


Frank invited Angela over again and while watching a movie, she checked her phone and said “It’s getting late, I will soon start going”.

Frank smiled, changed the movie to a music station, increased the volume, stood up and closed the curtains of his room.

End of story.

What did you expect?

You want to hear what happened?

Ask Frank when you see him.

*smiling sheeplishy*



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  1. JeleBaba says:

    Funny, insightful, and TRUE! Haha

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