Big D*ck or Good Sex: Case Study of David and Stella


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David had just graduated from one of the top private Universities in the country. He proceeded to learn French in a French school while waiting for a job where he met Stella.

Stella was shy while David was outspoken. In her shyness, she admired his courage and outspokenness. She liked him.

In his outgoing self, he admired Stella’s shy and reserved personality. He liked her.

They both hit it off.

“David, what does ‘pouvez-vous m’aider’ mean?” beckoned Aunty Lizzy, the French teacher.

“Me?”, David responded like a duck out of water.

“No. Me”, Aunty Lizzy replied sarcastically.

“I just explained it now to the class. what does ‘pouvez-vous m’aider’ mean?”, she continued.

Scratching his head and looking at the ceiling as if the answer was written up there. David replied, “Ehmmmmmm. Sorry ma. I don’t know ma”.

“Stella, help your boyfriend out since you were the one distracting him in class”, Aunty Lizzy turned and faced Stella.

“Mada da da am. I I I I dooooooooon’t know mmmmmmmma” Stella replied rather sheeplishy.

“So you are now stammerer. Every time you and David will be playing love birds in class. Don’t you want to learn French? I don’t want to see both of you seated together again” Aunty Lizzy said with fury in her eyes.

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David and Stella were inseparable.

But something was of major concern to them; their sex life.

David was not one to rush, so sex wasn’t on the agenda for him at the beginning of the relationship. He just enjoyed Stella’s company and loved having her around.

Stella on the other hand wanted more and became concerned about David’s sex appetite or lack of.

She made her move(s) but David wasn’t budging. He gave her the “baby let’s take our time” look while she replied with the “baby it’s 3 months, I think it’s time” look.

She wasn’t budging this time so he gave in.

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An hour passed by and the deed was done. They both lay in bed cuddling each other.

“Baby are you okay?”, David asked.

“Hmmmmm. Not really. I’m in pain”, Stella replied.

“The pain killers aren’t working?”

“No”, replied Stella.

“Babe but I told you let’s take out time”, David quizzed as if to blame Stella for her pains.

“Please don’t start. Did you tell me your dick was as big as my hand” Please don’t start. I have never felt this much pain during sex before even when I was disvirgined 3 years back. No wonder you didn’t want to have sex earlier because you knew what you were carrying was dangerous to my health. They should write a note on your dick that warns that pussies are liable to die young if you let it enter”. Stella added while holding her tummy in pain.

Her last words made David laugh out loud but held his laughter as if it were a cough when he saw the look on her face.


“You are laughing abi? See that wait you said we should wait. I am ready to wait the wait”, she said laughing.

David couldn’t help but laugh out now with boldness as if her laughter gave him permission to laugh. They ended up in a cuddle and eventual sleep that not even a knock on the door by David’s mum could snap them from.

“David, are you there? Open up”, said David’s mum.

Both woke up and said in tandem.



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  1. Good is the best to go for and not big d*ck

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