The Condom Conundrum


Let's Stop Shaming Black Men

“Charles, please do you have condom?”, a voice said from the window.

It’s 2 am and I thought I was dreaming.

Why would someone be asking me for condom from the window this early morning. Is this the new strategy by armed robbers?

“Charles, please wake up. Help a brother out. Do you have condom?”

This voice sounds like my neighbor Nelson.

“Nelson, is that you?”, I managed to reply.

“Yes bro. It’s me o. You get condom?”, he said like a possessed animal but in a still small voice so as not to wake the compound.

“My brother. I don’t have o. I used the last one yesterday”. I replied.

“I’m finished. I’m finished. I’m fini….” were the last words I heard from Nelson as he strode back to his flat.

“Why is Nelson looking for condom at this time of the morning?”, I thought to myself.

“Well, that’s his business” as I continued the sweet sleep this condom looking for man disturbed me from.

I got up later in the morning and while taking out the trash, I saw Nelson cleaning his car.

“Nelson. Good Morning bro”, I greeted.

“Charles, Good Morning”, he replied.

“Please o. Did you come to my place yesterday to ask for something?”, I stylishly inquired in case I was dreaming of that incident.

“Yes bro. I’m sorry for disturbing”, he replied.

“I had a babe over last night and I thought I still had condoms in the house. She was already undressed and it was time to perform and no condom in sight. I wanted to die. I had already paid her o. I looked everywhere and no single condom. You know the other neighbors are married men, asking them for condom will make their wife’s suspicious so I had to ask you”. He said with a look of despair.

“Nelson!!!” I replied in laughter.

“Wait. Before I continue. What did you do? Did you dive in without condom?” I inquired.

“My brother. After spending 20k? Something must kill a man. Shey HIV is better than Coronavirus”.

“Nelson!!!!!”, I shouted in amusement.

Bloody hell.


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