Brymo’s Songs F*ck With Your Mind

brymo (1)

A friend once asked, “who is your favorite Nigerian musician?”

“Brymo”, I replied.

I got that surprised look from him.

He continued, “so foreign and Nigerian, who is your favorite musician?”

“Dead or alive?”


“Dead, it will forever be Michael Jackson”, I answered.

“Alive, Brymo”, I added.

“Brymo again?! He said more in anger than surprise.

Yes, Brymo again!!

Have you ever craved for music that doesn’t just get you on your feet dancing but gets your heart leaping for joy and get’s your mind all fucked up in a good way? That’s the sort of music, Ọlawale Ọlọfọrọ aka Brymo makes.

Brymo - The underrated – Top50Charts

From his hook on Ice Prince’s Oleku, I knew TheSonofaKapenta born in 1986 was like Brymstone and I like(d) it. He chronicled a story of Merchants, Dealers and Slaves truthfully in his third album which was before a Tabula Rasa made him fall back in love with the Klitoris which brought him happy memories. Then the wizard (Oso) with the patience and goodluck of a master composer released an amazing body of art titled Yellow with strippers and white lines.

NB: Words written in bold are his 7 album titles and words written in italics are songs off each album.

1. Brymstone (2007)
2. The Son of a Kapenta (2012)
3. Mechants, Dealers and Slaves (2013)
4. Tabula Rasa (2014)
5. Klĭtôrĭs (2016)
6. Oṣó (2018)
7. Yellow (2020)

Seven albums in and Brymo continues to impress. He’s never passed up an opportunity to push himself as an artist, and the outstanding Yellow is just further proof of his undeniable gifts. In a time of so much crippling uncertainty, it’s great to know that one thing will always remain the same: Brymo’s capacity to move and astound us with his music.

This is an album that deserves an accompanying movie. While Brymo has always made cinema-worthy music, Yellow is his album with the highest number of cinematic songs. In its essence, Brymo – as always – finds appropriate production to tell stories or share poetry on love, vanity, vices and society. It will be hard for another album topping Yellow in 2020 – very hard.


Brymo has now become the prophet many people seek for advice, because his melody and lyrics bring peace to troubled souls. He is the preacher without a church with a spice of philosophy. His music stands tall in the confines of providing therapy.

Thank you, Brymo for choosing to make music.

To get a copy of YELLOW, visit:



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