Legal Age For Education?

If You Can't Teach My Black Children, Admit It and Move On

I wept immediately he mentioned it.

My dad tried to console me but I was having none of it.

“Daddy so you mean you want me to do Primary 6 when most of my friends are entering Secondary School from Primary 5?”, the lanky 10 year old boy said with tears streaming down his eyes.

In my era, Primary 5 pupils irrespective of age were writing Common Entrance to further their education in Secondary schools. Suffice to say, some of my friends even entered Secondary school from Primary 4, avoiding Primary 5 and 6 all together.

I couldn’t understand why my parents decided I had to complete Primary 6 before proceeding to Secondary school. Best explanation I got from my mother was they wanted me to mature a bit before entering Secondary school. I felt mature enough or was I less mature than my friends skipping Primary 6. I was the tallest in my class for crying out loud.

To add salt to injury, my mates in Primary 5 who moved to Secondary school before me became my seniors in Secondary school and you know what that means.

In a generation where parents inadvertently rush their parents through school with children as young as 8 years old already in Secondary schools and kids barely 15 already gaining admission into Tertiary Institution. The news that the Lagos State Government said that beginning from the next academic session, the entry age for all prospective students into any secondary school, private or public, would be 12 years old comes with great interest and approval.

According to a circular released in March and signed by one Mrs A. A. Adebowale of the Ministry of Education, the state government said a fine of N50,000 has been proposed for first offenders and N100,000 fine for second offenders as well as warning letters to close an erring school in case of any violation.

I was told back in the day, for a child to be given admission into Kindergarten, he/she had to be big enough to use his/her hand to touch the opposite ear from across the head. This was proof that the child was old enough to start school.

I don’t know how true this is but with parents rushing their kids through school in a bid to ensure they finish school as early as possible, this directive should help/make parents press the brakes and let their kids breathe and mature. Why the rush?

Even the legal age for smoking and consent is 18 years old in most countries irrespective of the person’s maturity or IQ, maybe there should be a legal age for education. Maybe.

Lagos Age


1. Lagos State government says from next academic session, your child must be 12 years old before they can enroll in any secondary school by Linda Ikeji Blog.
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2. Your Child Must Be 12 Years Old Before They Can Enrol In Any Secondary School – Lagos State Government Says by NaijaLoaded
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