Fight For Integrity

A few days back, I noticed a fault with my car and a friend recommended I took the car to his auto mechanic.

He said the guy ‘knows work’ and is the most honest auto mechanic he knows.

“If you give him money to buy something and it’s more than, he will give you back the change”.

A honest mechanic in Nigeria! Unbelievable.

Okay .

I drove the car to the mechanic, he needed to change something in the car and told me it’s N12,500 ($33). I didn’t argue because not only was I not too conversant with car “stuff” but because my friend said he was honest, I blindly trusted him.

I left and came back and he said he had done the job but he owned me N2,500 ($7) because he found the item for N10,000 ($26) instead of the N12,500 ($33) he told me.

I didn’t let him see my reaction but in my mind, I was like WOW!!!

I tell you that this mechanic’s integrity has won him a new client and more recommendations.

Integrity will take you places money can’t.


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