The Rape Scandal: Biodun vs Busola


Before travelling to the UK in 2012, I asked friends to copy songs and messages to my hard drive. Something to listen to in a foreign man’s land. A few months later while listening to a song on iTunes (it was on shuffle mode), a message came on. The message was titled “The Power of Faith” by one Rev. Biodun Fatoyimbo.

My God!!!! I had never heard faith preached so practically in my whole life. I listened to it and even called my girlfriend then to listen it to with me and we prayed together as a couple for God to build our faith.


From then on, I had to Google this Rev. Biodun Fatoyimbo for more messages then started tuning in live to his church Commonwealth of Zion Assembly’s Sunday Service (then they were still at Thisday Dome in Abuja planning to move to their current location).

There was something about this man and this church that I loved. I came back to Nigeria and I longed to visit COZA in Abuja like it was a pilgrimage site. Then I got to Abuja in 2017 and worshiping in COZA was at the top of my lists of things to do in Abuja.

Then I did. It was AMAZING.

I couldn’t stop raving about the church, it was something I had never witnessed. There were times I didn’t feel I was in Nigeria. COZA is more like a cult. A spiritual cult.

Then the rumors of his indiscretions started coming out as far back as 2013. I never for once opened any article because I for one knew that once you give room to the devil to pollute your mind concerning a Man of God, you couldn’t get virtue from that man again. So I closed my ears and my heart to the rumors.

I was at the office this past week when a colleague asked, “Bros have you heard about the rape scandal surrounding that COZA pastor”. Before he could finish, I told him, “I don’t want to hear it”. This was me protecting myself so he didn’t probe further.

Then another colleague came with the same question with a little twist, “…I hear say he rape one Busola Dakolo”. “What?”, I seemed to say. “Na Timi Dakolo wife dem say he rape o”. Ahhhhhh. This one is more than rumor.


Why would a celebrity lie about bring raped by a “man of God”? What was her motive? Fame? Money? Sympathy? It didn’t make sense. Something was amiss somewhere.

I wanted to hear for myself so I took out time to download her interview with YNaija where she revealed it all. All 4 parts. Put them in a flash drive and played them loud on my TV with an able sound system. I didn’t want to miss a word. I had my remote in hand to rewind, pause and digest her words.

maxresdefault (1)

2 hours later, I was dumbfounded.

I couldn’t relate the man of God in Rev. Biodun Fatoyimbo. to the man of the ‘devil’ being portrayed by Mrs. Busola Dakolo.

My God!!!

I felt for her but then it went more than feeling for her but feeling for all the ladies that might have been preyed upon by this man and then my heart sank thinking of the thousands of souls this man has won to Christ, people who look up to his leadership and mentor-ship within and outside COZA and might have their faith waver hearing all these about their “man of God”.


Do I believe the allegations?

I don’t have to. I believe something is wrong with Pastor Biodun or PB as he is fondly called in COZA. Something is wrong somewhere.

Then came his COZA letter headed paper rebuttal. Words from a man that knew he had being caught. People who apparently intend extorting money from you always lie about your sexcapades? Why you? Why always you?



Then came the movement on social media asking him to step down momentarily at least to clear his name.


Then came his decision to step down (leave of absence from the pulpit of the church).


A wise move but one I feel he was arm twisted to do but one I respect nonetheless.

Is he guilty?

Only time will tell.

My advice to Rev. Biodun Fatoyimbo. is to remember that King David, the man God twice said was a man after His heart (1 Samuel 13:14 and Acts 13:22) sinned BUT one thing he didn’t do was deny his sin. David said in 2 Samuel 11:13 “….I have sinned against the Lord” and then David in verse 16 “besought God by fasting and lay on my face on the ground all night crying to God for forgiveness” (paraphrased).

Rev. Biodun Fatoyimbo., also download the Donnie Mcclukin’s song titled “I Need You” and listen to it for a full week. Let these lyrics sink in.

When I call, You hear me
When I call Your name
You’re right near me
Your hand is there, right there to hold me
I need You Lord
I need You
When I call, You hear me Lord
When I call Your name
I can see You’re right near me
Your hand is there, to hold me
I need You
I need You Lord
I need You

When I call, You hear me Lord
When I call Your name
You’re right near me
Your hand is there, to hold me
I need You
I need You Lord
I need You

Oh I need!
I need You Lord
I need You

I need!
I need You Lord
I need You

God bless COZA and every God believing human being out there.


For More:

1. To watch Busola Dakolo’s videos on the rape. Click HERE
2. To read about the key points of her disclosure. Click HERE

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