My Wedding Plans and the Postponed Elections


One wouldn’t ​call meeting my fiancee, love at first sight. It was hardly two people meeting to chart a future together but had I known it was going to end up as happy ever after then maybe I would have had the ‘liver’ to ask for her number at first.

After much search using her name and surname on the internet, I stumbled upon her Instagram page and we hit it up from there. Opportunity doesn’t come but once, maybe twice.

The speed at which love caught us both, it literally swept us both off our feet and spending the rest of our lives together wasn’t the infinity we promised eachother but we’ll definitely go along with it.

However, I’m not here to talk about our love for eachother but about the country we both live in. I’m enraged.

A few months after we had gotten engaged, we had a wedding to plan and a venue to book down. We pinned down February 16th as an ideal date but the Presidential elections were scheduled to hold the same day so we opted for the next weekend, February 23rd 2019.

The venue we had in mind for the reception is a “hot cake” fo intending couples so getting a date was difficult but fortunately February 23rd was available. We grabbed it with both hands.

We both work in different establishments so planning a wedding entailed requesting for leave from office. I got mine to start Monday 18th and run till 2nd March so I could resume work on Monday, the 4th of March. Boo had hers pinned for 20th February to also resume work Monday 4th March.

We had all the logistics for the wedding already planned and booked for the 23rd of February. It was going to be a special day.

My relatives travelling back to attend the wedding had their flights booked to arrive Nigeria the week of our wedding.

Flights had to be booked to Athens in Greece in advance to reduce costs before traveling down to Santorini for our week long honeymoon scheduled to commence on the 25th of February and a return flight on the 1st of March.

Flights ✓

Venue ✓

Hotel bookings ✓

Everything was set for the time of our lives.

Unfortunately, a week before the wedding is the Presidential elections scheduled to hold in Nigeria. Elections have been postponed in Nigeria before but we had planned months ahead so we just hoped nothing of such would repeat itself again. Comon, lightning wasn’t going to strike twice.


I woke up on the morning of February 16th with my phones switched off as usual and prayed. Switched on my phone as I prepared to shower and proceed to my polling unit only to receive the headline that made my head spin 360 degrees.

BREAKING NEWS: INEC Postpones Presidential Elections to February 23rd 2019.


What kind of country is this?

Our wedding date!!!!!


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