Valentine’s Day is for Only Women

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I grew up with the notion that Valentine’s day was for girls. Every Valentine’s day I could remember as a child in school, it was always a ‘battle’ between the guys on who could get the biggest/best Valentine’s day gift for his girlfriend and competition between the girls on who would get the biggest/best Valentine’s day gift.

My ideology of Valentine’s day has been flawed from a young age. This was a young boy growing up and anytime February 14 was coming around, trepidation followed.

“What am I going to get my girlfriend or the girl I am asking out?”. Whether you were rich or poor, fat or skinny, student or working class, boy or man, Valentine’s day was a day to give to the women in our lives and not expect.

According to a National Retail Federation report, $20.7 billion is the projected Valentine’s Day spending in the United States this year of which 3.9 billion, 1.9 billion and 1.8 billion are expected to be spent on jewelry, flowers, and candy (a woman’s favorite) respectively. It’s safe to assume that over 80% of that money was spent by men for the women in their lives.

The young boy was told men give, women receive. I’m over 30 years old and yet to receive a gift on Valentine’s day so it’s safe to say that the young boy’s assumptions are true.

Partly true.

There are a few girls and ladies out there that have taken that “only men spend on Valentine’s day” script and shredded it into bits.

A few selfless and loving women go as far as spending more on Valentine’s day to serenade the men in their lives. Such women give hope to a generation of men with misguided perceptions that only men spend and women just do the receiving.

Shout-out to every girl, lady or woman who spends on Valentine’s day to show her man some love. No matter how small.

Thanks for changing that young boy’s perspective of how love and Valentine’s day should be.

You are the real MVP.

Thank you, on behalf of your men.

Update: I asked friends if any of them got a man anything for Valentine’s day, below a few of the responses I got. Kind-hearted ladies.



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