Day 29: Sprinkle A Little Kindness Daily

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“How much is it?”, my father would ask. “N1500 Sir”, he would reply. “I will give you N300”, my father would say. In my mind, seated at the passenger’s seat, I’m thinking, “Daddy, haba, which kind of pricing is this one na. Pity the poor man”.  My father can price for Africa. The kind of pricing that will make you pity for the seller. Then my father will enter the supermarket and won’t even price anything. “Oya put this one, put that one, two of this one, three of that one”. These supermarkets make billions.

Today’s nugget is titled, “sprinkle a little kindness daily”. Whenever you stop to buy anything from a hawker, don’t price out her little profit. Stop to buy kids on the street ice cream. Pay for an elderly person’s fare. Pick and drop off a stranger (not only fine girls). Dash someone money. Compliment people’s smile, hair or dressing. Open doors for people to pass. ‘Forget’ change with that nice bike man. Ask after people’s children or parents. Don’t go a day without sprinkling kindness to at least one person.

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