Day 28: Learn to Learn Like a Child


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“Uncle Charles come and see”, my little 3-year-old cousin beckoned as I approached her. “Uncle Charles, see. I can read”.
“Osheyyyyy”, I shouted enthusiastically. “Oya open your Bible to Romans 8:28 and read for me”. She joyfully opened the Bible and read with aplomb. I was elated. “That’s my girl. Well done baby. I am so proud of you”.

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Ever noticed the desire in children to learn new things and “boast” about it? What happened to us? Where is the child in us yearning to learn new stuff? You couldn’t drive last year and still, you can’t drive this year and you are okay with that? You okay with just going to the swimming pool to take pictures for Instagram while your friends are busy swimming? You like food but you can’t cook to save your life. Common. Where is the child in you? Life is about taking chances, trying new things, having fun, making mistakes and learning from it. Every month, learn something new. You have 12 new things to learn this year and your time starts NOW!


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