Day 25: Shape Your Relationships



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“So it’s true!”, I said more in astonishment than anything else. “Of course, it’s true. We use hot water and press her head to give it shape”, she replied. I wasn’t sure it was true when I first heard it but she confirmed that since a newborn baby’s skull is still very soft, it’s ‘pressed’ to give it a good shape. Imagine trying to shape a grown up’s head. Too late right?

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It’s funny how many people don’t realize the importance of shaping their relationships from inception; the ‘baby’ stage. A relationship that started with sex is shaped for disaster. A relationship started with money is shaped for frustration. A relationship started with prayers is shaped for success. A relationship started with cheating and lies is shaped for heartbreak. A relationship started with pass working phones is shaped for mistrust. A relationship started with gender violence is shaped for tears. As a parent would shape her newborn baby’s head while the skull is soft and tender, shape your relationships while feelings are still soft and tender.


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