Day 24: Be Pregnant with Patience

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Ask a woman desperate for a child if she wants a child, “Definitely” would most likely be her answer. A few months down the line, she conceives and in the 3rd month, you ask her, “is it okay for the baby to come out now since you can’t wait to hold your baby”. She’s probably going to answer, “no, not yet, I’ll wait for 9 months”. She wants her baby but would patiently wait for the required time.
The time between conception and delivery is usually 9 months which is a time designed by God for a baby to fully develop. So we trust the time but do we trust God, the designer?
We are desperately in need of a change in our lives, a job, marriage, children, riches, and the likes but the same way God designed 9 months for a baby, He has a time frame in mind for your testimony. He requires your prayer and patience.
Remember the difference between where you are and where to want to be is “time”. Relax and trust God.

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