Day 23: Listen With Your Heart


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Chinonso met Angela at the park heading to Abuja from Lagos. They had a lengthy conversation which culminated in Angela telling him about her dad’s passing and how much she missed him. A few days after they met, Angela was surprised to see Nonso at her house with a bag filled with a box of Dairy Box chocolates and a bottle of Nutri Milk. She was looking at the contents in amazement and he said, “you told me that your dad usually gets you Dairy Box chocolates and Nutri Milk everytime he is coming back from work. I know he is watching over you from Heaven so I’m just helping him deliver what he would have if he was still here on Earth”. She looked at him with tears streaming down her face. Nonso actually listened and genuinely cared.
A wise man once said, “one of the most sincere forms of love and respect is listening to what another has to say”. We have two ears and one mouth for a reason, so we can listen twice more than we speak. #In2019, make listening a habit.

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