Day 22: Facing The Giant Fearlessly




Image result for david killed a lion and a bear

A young man called David was tending his sheep when the lion, referred to as the king of the jungle ‘abducted’ one of his sheep. Ideally, any normal shepherd would have cursed his luck and managed the remaining sheep but not David. He wasn’t normal. David chased after the lion, killed it and recovered his sheep. On another day, a giant called Goliath came to terrorize the Israelites. Any normal young boy would have hidden behind his parents but David wasn’t a normal boy. He challenged the giant, struck him and killed him.
David wasn’t the strongest or wisest, he was just the bravest. Bravery not based on his connection or skills or certificate but bravery based solely on God. In Psalms 23:4, David said: “..I fear no evil for You (God) are with me”. In Psalms 56:11 he said, “In God I trust, I am not afraid”.
#In2019, BE FEARLESS. Don’t be afraid of anybody, any witch/wizard, any problem for you are not alone, God is with you and when God is for you, who can be against you? Romans 8:31

Image result for david and goliath

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