Day 15: The Ten Years Challenge

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Yesterday, we had the #10yearchallenge where people posted pictures of themselves ten years ago, side by side with a current picture of theirs trending. It was hilarious seeing some “slay queens” and fine boys looking like people who escaped Somalia. Maybe I was the only person who looked breathtaking 10 years ago. Maybe. 😉😘😁

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In all the humor, looking back at 10 years of our life is a reminder that God has been faithful. 10 years of trials, 10 years of progress, 10 years of journey mercies, 10 years of sleeping and waking up, 10 years you didn’t die. Turn the #10yearchallenge into one of thanksgiving today. God kept you all through and 10 years from now, your spouse and lovely kids will join you in the 10 years challenge of 2029. Osheyyyyyy!!!

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