Day 12: Water Betrayed The Fish

Image result for fish out of water

The fish looked at the water with tears in his eyes. “If they told me you would betray me like this, I wouldn’t have believed. We have been best friends for a long time and this is how you treat me after so many years of friendship.”
The fish said crying. The water just looked at the fish and said two words, “I’m sorry”. In a few minutes, the fish was dead and ready to be eaten by the human who used his best friend to cook him.
An artist once sang, “if trust dey, water no go cook fish”. The same water the fish lived in for years is used to cook it for food. In 2019, keep your secrets to yourself. Judas betrayed Jesus and Peter denied Him. Keep your secrets to yourself. Your best friend has a best friend. Your gist will spread.

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