Day 10: An Attitude is Like a Bad Tire


So let’s imagine you have a car (you will have a car for real soon in Jesus Name. Amen). For now, let’s just imagine you have one but a tire is flat. Instead of fixing the flat tire, you buy another car and take the flat tire and fix in the new car, will the car move? No. But you still don’t change the tire, you get annoyed and buy yet another car and fix the flat tire in the newest car, still, the car refuses to move.

A wise man once said, “A bad attitude is like a flat tire, you won’t go far until you change it”. Instead of fixing a bad attitude (anger, jealousy, short temper, covetousness, cheat, liar, backbiting etc) people jump from one relationship to another and are confronted with the same issues and they blame their partner. Your partner isn’t at fault, you are. Change that bad attitude instead of getting into a new car with a flat tire.


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