Day 9: Love, Biscuits, And Caution


Growing up, love to me was not boy and girl kinda love. Love to me was two words coined into one, “shortbread”. It was so bad that I could use my one-week lunch money for school to buy one of them. I told myself as a 9-year old that when I grew up, I would make enough money to buy one cartoon of shortbread. I’ll be eating it every day. Now I have grown up (to an extent) and McVities Shortbread that was #150 growing up is now #950. Do I still love Shortbread? Definitely.

Did I fulfill my dream of buying a cartoon of it? Definitely not. I could use the money for one cartoon to buy enough pampers for my unborn children. It’s not time to satisfy any Shortbread urge but to plan/save for my future. Shortbread to me could be shoes or bags or clothes or phones to you.

You Only Live Once (YOLO) is a slogan for wasters. Have fun #in2019 but have enough sense to know that you are working not just for you but for your (future) family. Be wise.

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