Day 7: DoNut Worry, Be Happy


I grew up with the mindset that big breasts equal more milk. I doubt any man doesn’t still think in that line. However, nothing could be further from the truth. I have a very busty friend who initially complained of difficulties breastfeeding her baby after birth while another friend who was obviously absent when God was sharing breasts in Heaven never experienced such. In fact, milk was overflowing when she was breastfeeding​.
It’s not by big, medium or small breasts, as long as you give birth, you will breastfeed your baby. We worry about the most mundane things in life when God has promised provision already.
Stop worrying because God who made it possible for you to finish school will give you a good job. God who gave you a womb will surely give you a child. God who made it possible for you to be alive to open a bank account will fill it with money. Stop worrying #in2019 and start believing.
Read Phillipians 1:6 anytime worry worries you.


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