I walked in the venue of the party with my swag on and at one fell swoop, I had surveyed the entire room full of people. I noticed this gorgeous girl by the side of the room with her friends all giggling and laughing away. She’s got my attention alright but it was too early to strike so I kept my distance.

A few hours into the party, a few shots of alcohol had exchanged hands and a few bodies were slacked into the chairs insight due to fatigue from shaking their bodies so hard to the music (alcohol does that to you).

It was indeed time to make my move.

Let’s rewind to a few days back.

While watching a scene in “How I Met Your Mother”, my favourite character, Barney Stinson showed me what would change my life forever pertaining to women.

It’s evident that women like the beautiful things of life, money, cars, clothes, shoes and the likes but one thing that gets a woman faster than all these things is an 8 letter word;


wizzy baby


Google dictionary defines prestige as ‘widespread respect and admiration felt for someone or something on the basis of a perception of their achievements or quality’. Synonyms for prestige include; status, reputation, fame, celebrity, importance, class, and influence.

Have you ever wondered why American sports stars have girls aka groupies all over them?

Ever wondered why music artistes have girls aka fans all in their DMs professing undying love for them?

Ever wondered why girls are ready to be baby mamas for celebs but would run to the abortion clinic if pregnant for someone as unimportant as me?

Ever being intrigued by the number of girls that would readily take selfies in bed with celebrities?



Ever wondered why girls would do anything to take a picture with a celebrity. Just picture.

Ever wondered why celebrities take advantage of their status to bed girls left right and center?

Wonder no more!!!!!!

It’s not about the money.

It’s about the status!!!!!!

One universal element in the mind of women all over the world is the standing/prestige of a man.

It never fails……



Back to my story at the party.

So it was time to approach this beautiful girl but I decided to take a different approach. I nudged my buddy to be my ‘wing man’ as I went in. We had planned ahead of time in case we needed to, so it was time to put our plan into motion.

As I approached the damsel, I started off with a line I had rehearsed a bit and we got talking then my ‘wing man’ came in to sweep the girl off her feet.

Focus guys. This is where the magic happened.

So Dapo (my wing man) saw me with the girl and approached us.

He began “Curtis Smith. Wow. My Oga. Ahhhh. What are you doing here Sir?”

I was in my chair with the lady acting all surprised and modest.

She was looking at me like who’s this guy this grown man is hailing like this.

My wing man continued…..

Bros. I hail ooo. I was in your office the other day and your Secretary told me you traveled to Dubai for a meeting. I came to drop the proposal for the job in South Africa with you Sir.

I replied “My brother, sorry. The Dubai trip took forever. She gave me the proposal though. We will discuss that over the phone. So what are you doing here? You know the celebrant?

He continued, “My Oga, yes ooo. He is a friend. But Oga, you must show us the way o. I no mind become your PA o. You drive that your Range come?

I smiled and said “You sef. I no drive come, I say make I enter Uber today. To stretch leg”.

He looked at the girl I was toasting and said “Oga, na Madam be this?”

I replied, “Forgive my manners, she’s a friend I just met. Sweetie, please what’s your name?”

She replied with a big grin, “I am Stephanie”.

I continued, “Stephanie, meet Dapo. Dapo, Stephanie”.

Dapo interjected, “Lovely name, Stephanie, please take care of my Oga ooo. He is a very nice man. He has been a good friend to me. Thank him for me.”

“Dapo, please go and enjoy the party and leave me with this beautiful lady”, I cut in.

He left and I continued with Stephanie.

Now Stephanie thinks I’m important whereas I’m one jobless guy.

Is it deceit? NO!!!!

I call it packaging…

Suffice to say that Stephanie gave me all her numbers plus BBM pin and she came to the house the next day. The rest they say is history.

Stupid Dapo and I laughed about it on our way back home in the danfo we boarded.


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