LOVE: Breaking Up, Making Up and ‘Staying UP’


I remember breaking up with a girl I loved because I couldn’t stand her when she gets angry. She promised to change but it seemed she wasn’t getting any better. She was explosive, unapologetic and filled with rage when provoked. I couldn’t stand her anymore. I gave her “second” chances numerously​ all to no avail. I gave up on her and ended it.

But what I failed to take into cognisance is the fact that Agatha (not real name) had a rough childhood and as the only girl child was often ‘abused’ growing up hence her explosive temper. She needed to be ‘mended’ but I wasn’t patient enough to help her through it.


I loved her but the love was conditional. Did I really love her?

I know someone that really loves her. Someone that will never give up on her. Someone that will always be there for her. Someone that will give her a million and one chances to change. Someone that will be patient enough with her. Someone that will never get tired of her. Someone that will love her unconditionally.


Someone that she can never over-offend. Someone that loves her notwithstanding of her rough upbringing. Someone that will smile and be patient with her whenever she throws tantrums. Someone that will never walk out on her when the going gets tough. Someone that will listen to her scream and hug her till she gets calm. Someone that will love her through thick and thin. Someone that will die for her again.


….and I’m not talking about her new boyfriend. He’s not capable of such depth of love. Only Jesus is the one and true Mr. Capable for her.


How often do we feel unloved? How often do we love with conditions attached to it?
How often do we give up on love because it’s not convenient for us?
How often do we get hurt by someone we love and after ‘second’ chances, pack our bags and leave?
How often do we feel bruised and unlovable?
How often do we get inpatient with people we love?
How often do we love based on convenience?


If you ever want to love, ask for a sprinkle of Divine love. The patient love. The unconditional love. The loving love. The sacrificial love.

Don’t fall in love, it’s too fast. Grow in love, this takes time and has stronger roots to withstand any onslaught.


God loves us, let’s imitate Him and love our partner with such intensity of love.

Don’t love to be loved. Love because you love the totality of that human being you love. Read it again and let it sink in.

STAY UP!!!!!!




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Be BAE. Believe. Aspire. Experience

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