Getting Ready For Your Blessings


So we are expecting miracles but looking a mirage of ourselves.
We are expecting turnarounds but we are looking around hopelessly. We are looking forward to a bright future but keeping a heavy heart.

Think about this……

A couple prepare for their wedding by making sure the venue, food, decorations and those wedding stuff are put in place before the ceremony. What they are doing is preparing a “suitable” environment for the marriage to kick off on.


A family prepares for the arrival of a child by making sure the baby crib, room, baby clothes, diapers, powder and all those baby stuff are ready prior to his/her birth. What they are doing invariably is preparing a “welcoming” environment for the baby.

Why haven’t you prepared a welcoming and suitable environment for your miracle?


You praying for a car and you can’t drive?
You are praying for visa and you don’t have an International Passport?
You are praying for foreign currency and you don’t have a foreign account?

You are praying for a job and you don’t have a CV?
You are praying for a husband and you can’t even cook to save yourself?
You are praying for a wife and you can’t take care of yourself?
You cannot pray for rain and go out without an umbrella.
You cannot pray for water and go out with a spoon to carry it.
You cannot pray for food and have no appetite to eat it.

Get Ready!!!!!

Your testimony is only being help up in traffic. It’s coming. Get ready by preparing a suitable environment for its arrival.
Be happy.
Be joyful.
Be expectant.

Be BAE. Believe. Aspire. Experience


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