The Wedding That Happened But Didn’t Happen



The choir was in full voice.
The bride was gorgeously dressed.
The groom was looking daper.
The bridegrooms were hell bent on hitching their own man with how sumptuous they looked.
The men in suit weren’t left out of the beauty and poise.
What of the flower girls and page boys, you could hear an “awwwwwn” in the crowd as those adorable entities walked in hand-in-hand.
The wedding was going on smoothly with all of the jollification of a proper wedding ceremony.
Then it was time for the exchange of vows and a few voices were beginning to creep up amongst the family of the groom. No one really thought much of it until the Pastor officiating the wedding asked the dreaded question………

“If anyone can show just cause why this couple cannot lawfully be joined together in matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace”

The elder brother of the groom stood up. “Yes. I do”.

As soon as he stood up to put asunder a wedding parked with guests, the wedding hall erupted with so much noise that one could have mistaken it for a market square.

To get a better understanding of the drama that is about to unfold in the church, the writer needs to take you back in time.

Pastor James Efe and Miss Margaret Ocheni (names changed to hide the identity of the couple) were due to be wedded in Holy Matrimony and plans were already in full gear.

The groom was an AS genotype and his intended bride claimed to be AA genotype but the couple still required to run tests before tying the knot.

It was at this juncture that the bride became evasive.

“Let’s go and do a blood test”, her fiance would tell her and she would come up with one excuse or the other to make up for her unavailability. He didn’t think much of it and proceeded with the wedding arrangements but after confiding with his family on the matter, he was advised to make sure she took a blood test compulsorily. No excuses.

Miss Margaret knowing the game was up, had other plans in mind. She apparently went to a hospital, “bought” a test result and presented to her fiance.
Her test results read;
Genotype: AA
Blood Group: O+
HIV: Negative.

Pastor James trusted his future wife enough to believe the results but his family were having none if it.

“She’s expected to run those tests in a neutral hospital not one of her choosing”, raged his sister.

FINALLY, after her hide and seek games, she was mandated by the church to show up at the church’s designated hospital to run the tests before she can be married.

The results of that test was what necessitated the groom’s brother to stand up and object the union of his brother and this “witch”. His words.

Now back to the wedding ceremony.

People were talking……….

What happened?
Why is he standing up to object?
Is the bride pregnant for someone else?
Is their genotype not compatible?

Everyone apparently had a thing to say. But as soon as the brother stood up, the officiating minister ended the service, the bride fainted.

Rumor has it that the bride was HIV positive. The Pastor being a man of God decided against engaging in premarital sex and thus saved his own life.

The question on everyone’s lips was, “What was her mission for not telling her husband-to-be that she was carrying the HIV virus before marriage? To tie him down? To infect him? Why?”

The groom’s family got a wind of the test results when the officiating Pastor called them a day before the wedding and told them of her HIV status. They intended calling off the wedding immediately but the Pastor advices against that approach. “You don’t cancel a wedding like that”, he said. “The wedding will go ahead but before they take their vows, I will ask for anyone against the wedding and yiu have to stand up and object to it. That’s the way it works”, he concluded.

At the church auditorium, venue of the wedding, tears flowed and neatly adorned make-up was wasted. Everyone stood up and service was ended. Food was shared amongst those hungry and everyone went their separate ways.

NOTE: This “wedding” held on the 2nd September this year somewhere in Delta State, Nigeria. It’s a true life story as narrated to the writer by the sister of the groom.

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  1. Chyvonne says:

    I don’t understand oo he married the lady?? ?

    1. No na!!!!! They didn’t allow the wedding procession get to the vows stage. They scatter

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