The Wedding That Didn’t Happen But Happened



As panicked engulfed the church, the wedding guests began talking to themselves quietly at first but noisily a few minutes afterwards. People started forming gossip ‘forums’ and anyone with the most ear dropping information, got the most crowd. It was almost 10am for the wedding and venue of the wedding wasn’t decorated or even cleaned. People had a right to make conjunctions which gave birth to assumptions. “Maybe the wedding has been called off”, said one. “What if the bride didn’t want to marry again, in the pre wedding pictures, she wasn’t even smiling”, said another. “Haba, Sister. So smiling now is an indication of happiness?”, asked the brother trying to adjust his bow tie.
As the guests were engaging in rittle tattle, some officials were busy moving plastic chairs from the church into a waiting van to moved to an undisclosed venue.
“What’s going on?”, they said eachother. This suspense is killing, I am going to find out what’s going on from someone that knows what’s going on.
“Brother, please what’s happening, is the wedding still holding and where are you guys pacing the chairs to?, asked the ring leader to one the wedding officials. The official, bamboozled replied, “so you haven’t heard?”

Fifteen minutes drive from the church, the original venue of the wedding in a hotel downtown, the couple said “I do” in a very low key wedding with a few friends and family present.

The wedding reception was a little subdued with a few raised eyebrows but as soon as it was time for the couple to dance, everyone that wasn’t too busy gossiping about the happenings of the day were on the dance floor spraying the newly married couple with money and offering their gifts.

Rumor has it that a day before the wedding was scheduled to hold, the customary pregnancy test was conducted on the bride and she was found to be pregnant. In the rules of the church, a pregnant bride cannot be wedded in the church therefore the wedding was “cancelled” and the couple were wedded outside the church auditorium by some of the church officials.

NOTE: This wedding held on the 26th of August this year somewhere in Delta State, Nigeria. It’s a true life story as witnessed by the writer himself.

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