What Do You Have in Your Provisions List?

Many years ago as a little boy staying in the boarding house, while preparing for school, I would write a list of provisions for daddy to buy for me. The list I wrote wasn’t based on my expectations but on my dad’s capacity.

In school, my mates and even juniors brought Kellogg’s Cornflakes, Frosties, Cocopops, Rice krispies and those assorted cereals. Some brought as much as four tins of milk, sardines, corn beef and those juicy stuff that provoke envy.

I was always tempted to include Kellogg’s cereals in my list, maybe about three or four tins of milk, some sardines and even assorted biscuits. I might have thought about it but never went ahead with it because my dad would never buy them.

I would respect myself and include Nasco cornflakes in my list and maybe two tins of milk, cabin biscuits and a few other necessities.

Even at that, my dad would still “wickedly” cut down the list. It was annoying but I knew he did his best for me and my siblings and I had to cut him some slack.

“Money doesn’t grow on trees”, daddy would tell me.

That was my list as a child to my Earthly father based on his capacity.

Now I am too grown to write a list of provisions to my Earthly father but I am never too grown to write one to my Heavenly Father.

Now my understanding has changed. Remember I wasn’t writing my provisions list based on my expectations but on my father’s capacity.

But now when I want to write my list of provisions, I write based on my expectations and God’s capacity.

Now let me ask you.

The same God that created a man from dust and a woman from an ordinary rib, do you think I should include ‘long life’ in my “provisions” list?

The same God that that turned me from a combination of sperm and egg to the beautiful human being that I am today, do you think that asking for a beautiful Heaven sent wife will be asking for too much?

The same God has kept me safe from accidents even as people died everyday on the same roads I ply, will adding a few brand new cars in my “provisions” list be too much for Him to do?

The same God that parted a whole sea for His people to pass through, do you think asking for sound health and prosperity will be over asking?

The same God that has kept me from ritualists, kidnappers, terrorists, witches and wizards and their likes, do you feel I should ask Him to protect my family and friends too? Or would that be too much to include in my “provisions” list?

See. Until we (you especially) understand Who we are dealing with when we talk about God, you might never fully comprehend what He is capable of.

So this God did all the above and He is too small to give you a job? A God fearing man? A Heaven sent lady? A car? Peace of mind? Money? Sound Health?

Is He is too small to give you all these and much more?

I think you have been writing your “provisions” list based on your capacity not on God’s capacity.

Go and understand who God is and come back let’s talk about amending your “provisions” list. 

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