20 Interesting Facts About This Weird Being (Part 4 of 4)

I consider myself a very unusual human being, annoying and difficult to figure out a times but sweet most times. These are TWENTY “interesting” facts about me (numbers 16 to 20). Enjoy.

16. My weird sleeping pattern. Growing up in a hostel environment altered me forever. I got so used to the small beds in hostels that I now find it difficult sleeping on larger beds. I rather sleep on the couch, on the floor or on a student sized bed. Another thing is that I like to sleep alone. I sleep better not having to cuddle someone or have some lie on my chest or have someone’s hair in my damn nose. I will definitely get married one day and all that has to change but for now, let me enjoy my single life please.

17. I am not a chaser. I remember hearing a story of a man that liked this girl, chased her for two years and finally got her. They dated for three months and broke up. I laughed in Spanish. Why would a man chase a woman for so long. I wish you all the best. As for me, I don’t have that patience please. I like a girl and I make my move, she rebuffs my move, guess what I do after making my move and failed. I MOVE ON. Did they swear for me with love?

18. Kiss and tell. I grew up minding my business and keeping my business to myself. I can listen to you tell me your escapades but don’t bank on hearing mine. I am a firm believer of the saying, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. What happens between me and you, stays between me and you. The only ‘person’ that should know what happened between me and you behind closed doors is the closed doors. I don’t kiss and tell. Never have. Never will.

19. VAW (Violence Against Women). I remember my last ever fight as a 13 year old, this dude caused trouble, felt he was a fighter but thirty minutes after a headbutt and punches exchanged by both of us, he ended up with a rather bulging swelling (called koko in Africa) on his forehead. Since then I swore never to fight and almost two decades after, I have kept my word. If dialogue can’t solve the problem, why should fists do? I don’t fight men, why then would I now “fight” ladies. I simply walk away. Never have and never would beat a woman. Only cowards do. Walking away when a woman is raving is a far more lethal weapon in bringing her to her senses than beating her.

20. Giving is a lifestyle. I noticed early on in life that sharing my things with my siblings always made me feel good and happy inside. I have grown and that habit has never left my side. Givers never lack and in a bid to keep what I have, I give out a portion of it. I give to people more than I give to myself. I am not going to tell you things I have done for people but I am rest assured that God who sees those things in secret has kept rewarding me in the open. Givers never lack and cheerful givers always have more to give.

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