20 Interesting Facts About This Weird Being (Part 3 of 4)

I consider myself a very unusual human being, annoying and difficult to figure out a times but sweet most times. These are TWENTY “interesting” facts about me (numbers 11 to 15). Enjoy.

11. I am a fantastic cook. I never really knew how to cook until I traveled out of the country. Those folks in the UK were always in chicken and chips and I just needed solid Nigerian food. Judging by how expensive Nigerian food in Nigerian restaurants over there where, I might have had to sacrifice a member of my family for blood money. I had to learn how to cook and learn I did. Now cooking has become a hobby and something I do in my free time and do it well.

12. I like to be alone. Alot. Something weird to some people about me is how I can be so extroverted when with people but so introverted when alone. I consider myself an extroverted introvert. A hybrid of both. I love my company and like to be alone but when with people, you can’t help but notice me. In my zone, I can fix an earphone to my ears without listening to anything so people think I am busy and leave me the hell alone. I like to think. I like to play things out in my head.

13. I love to be naked. Maybe it’s because I have such a hot body that I can’t help but keep admiring myself. I am kidding. I just like to be naked. Clothes are a bore. Clothes are like jail bars, they keep me imprisoned. One of the reasons I stay alone is simply because of the privilege to be NAKED. I cook naked. I slept naked. I even bath naked…lol. Only if Adam and Eve didn’t eat that damn apple, maybe I would “dress” naked to the office. Damn you Eve.

14. Mr. Shy. Mehnnnn, I used to one very shy kid growing up. I was always the tallest in my class but one of the shyest. When I say shy, I don’t mean shy as in raising my hands in class to ask or answer questions but shy with girls. I lost my virginity late mainly because of my shyness. A close friend of my class crush once asked the 12 year old me, “Charles, Jessica likes you, why not ask her out?”. I answered rather foolishly, “what is ask out? You mean to take her out of the school? They call us husband and wife in class, isn’t that enough?” I was a stupid ignorant boy back then but now?!!! Let me not bore you with details. *wink*

15. I talk to myself. Am I mad? Maybe but I have been caught many times by people talking to myself. Not too often but whenever I am angry with someone or something, talking to myself is my way of telling someone else about it and as they say, a problem shared is a problem half solved…lol. I shared the problem with myself and I tend to feel a lot better after I do so. Am I mad? Maybe…lol.

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