20 Interesting Facts About This Weird Being (Part 1 of 4)

I consider myself a very unusual human being, annoying and difficult to figure out a times but sweet most times. These are TWENTY “interesting” facts about me (numbers 1 to 5). Enjoy.

1. I like to cry. An African proverb says, “when a woman cries it’s normal but when a man cries, something must be wrong”.

I actually love to cry. Not tears of pain or regret or sorrow but tears of appreciation and admiration. Tears renews my head and makes me focus on what really matters. The question now is, what makes me cry? The simple answer, “AMERICA’S GOT TALENT”. I can’t remember watching AGT and not crying. As in, real tears and running nose. It’s hard to empathize with people and their stories and not tear up.



2. I love kissing. Someone once asked me, “making out or having sex, which do you prefer?”. My simple answer was, “sex can’t be pleasurable without making out but making out can exist without sex”. I can remember sleeping off while kissing. It’s that bad. Kissing to me is more than locking lips, a kiss on the forehead, a kiss on the cheek, a kiss on the hand, a kiss on the neck. I tell my girl, if you kiss me on my neck, I’m not responsible for what happens next. I tell guys the fastest way to shut a girl up is by kissing her.



3. I don’t smoke. I remember the one-time I ever tried smoking. I was a kid who watched one of those Arnold Schwarzenegger and seeing him smoke. I had to give it a try. I punched a hole in my mattress, took out a chunk of it and wrapped it around paper and tried lighting it up. Disaster. Smoking was never really for me. Never have. Never will. I still wonder how people smoke what they know will make them die young. It’s behold me.


4. I love love love kids. If I were to ever have a weakness, it would definitely be kids. Anyone that has spent a day or two with me will realize that children are my bread and butter. Nothing gives me greater joy on Earth than “gossipping” with kids and playing with them. I learn much more from these little angels than I learn from rocket scientists. They are simply Heaven’s handwork on Earth. Guess who also loved children? Jesus. Read Matthew 19:14.



5. I love God and trust Him. I have been through many ups and downs in my life, regretted a few things than I had done and wished I had known better but one thing I have never done is doubt or question God. When I look at people who don’t believe God exists, I literally SMH. When you realize just how much the One above loves you, it will ‘metamorphosize’ your life. I have realized that I can do nothing without God and with Him, I can do ALL things. With this mentality, I am literally unstoppable. Try me and find out.


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