Letter To Women: Love, Abuse and Death


“Can I ask you a question?”, she began. “How can you talk a girl out of an abusive relationship and she claims to be head over heels”.

“Show her evidence”, I replied with web links of abusive relationships that have led to death.

Click HERE for number one
Click HERE for number two
Click HERE for number three
Click HERE for number four
Click HERE for number five
Click HERE for number six
and so much more.

I then followed up the links with this statement, “These girls were in love but are now dead. If she’s in love and doesn’t want to leave an abusive relationship, she should get ready to go the same way those girls went. Simple.”

Sometimes I ask myself who’s more foolish, a girl that stays in abusive relationship or the man that abuses the girl. Both have some level of foolishness inherent in their brains. The girl that foolishly believes a man that beats her loves her and the foolish man that claims to love but abuses a lady.


For example, a lady who likes driving has a faulty car that no matter the repairs, the brakes keep failing. She decides to stick with the car with failing brakes because of the love she has for the car instead of saving her life and getting a new car. Please my people, is this love or foolishness?



Girls. Ladies. Women.

How many times did I call you?

Love is not by force!!! Did they swear for you with love? Staying in an abusive relationship isn’t because you love the man, you love the idea of being in a relationship and can’t stand starting afresh. What happens to yourself? Don’t you love yourself? Don’t you want to be happy? Aren’t you tired of using foundation to conceal your scares? Do you want to die young?

Real men don’t beat women. A real man will stand up for you when another man insults or abuses you not the other way around. Real men fight their fellow gender not the female gender.


Since I was born and now I am getting old, I have never laid a finger on a lady. No woman dead or alive can prove otherwise.

Then why would a man hit my sister or female cousins or my unborn daughters, that “man” should get ready to meet his Maker. What rubbish????!!!!!!!!


Think ladies. THINK!!!!!!

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