The GIFT and the PUSH


There is a story of a man, very wealthy man in Delta State, Nigeria who bought a brand new car for his Chief Security Officer (CSO) and sacked him the next day telling him to take the car along. The news is quite ear tinkling because if the CSO had done something wrong why did he buy him a car but if he didn’t do anything wrong then why was he sacked? Funny but confusing story.

In people’s opinion, he bought him that car to settle him and wanted him to use the “gift” to advance himself. The rich man thought the CSO needed two things to grow in life. A GIFT and a PUSH. The gift was the car, the push was the sack.


Do you know what most people in the former CSO’s shoes will do? Grumble, hate on the rich man, take the car, carry girls, spend his savings frivolously and after two or three months, start again from the bottom.

Do you know what only a few wise people in the former CSO’s shoes will do? Use that car for Uber and make money from it or sell the car using the proceeds to start up a business.

In life, we are the CSO and the rich man is God. He gives us two things to excel in life just like the rich man gave the CSO namely: A GIFT and a PUSH. In our case, our gift is plural in nature and could be a talent (acting, singing, dancing, painting, speaking etc), loving family, faithful friends, intellect and many more.



The PUSH on the other hand is life’s problems, low bank account, heartbreak, late family member, incomplete education and many more.


Like the CSO, what you do with your GIFT and your PUSH will determine where you end up in life.

Are you going to grumble and complain or are you going to brace up and move forward.

The choice is yours.

Choose wisely because your unborn children will depend on the decision you make today.

Take your GIFT and PUSH your way through. God has got you.


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