Tell That Sickness About Your God


My Pastor once told a story of how he saw a friend looking pale and unhealthy and he asked her what the matter was and she replied “I have a headache”.

He smiled.

In her bewilderment, she asked him “Pastor, why are you smiling?”

He took her outside and said “do you see my car?” She said “yes”.

He asked again, “do you see my office?”, She replied again, “yes”.

He dipped his hand in his pocket and brought our his wallet, opened the wallet and asked her, “do you see my money?”, She replied again, “yes”.

He then asked her, “you said you have headache, can I see it?” She was stunned.

“I have a car. I have an office. I have money. You said you have headache, please let me see the headache”. She became quiet.

He told her. Why do you claim what you feel but you don’t have?

Feelings are fickle and questionable but possession is concrete and cannot be disputed.


Stop claiming what you don’t have, claim what you desire.

You are not sick. You are not broke. You are not poor. You are not depressed. You don’t have headache. You don’t have sickle cell.


In the World, you declare what you have. In the Kingdom of God, you declare what you want to see. There is a big difference.


Do you feel sick? Don’t say you are sick. Declare what you want and that’s sound health (Psalms 30:2).


Are you broke? Don’t say you are broke. Declare your riches. Your billionaire status (2 Corinthians 8:9).

Hand over wheat field

Are you depressed? You can’t be. You are joyful in the Lord, depression is an anomaly in your body (Nehemiah 8:10).


Are you weak? Take strength from the Lord for he is your strength (Psalms 28:7). Say “I am strong”.



Are you heartbroken? God said you should come until Him and He will give you rest (Matthew 11:28).



Are you in trouble? Why worry when God has promised to save you (Psalms 107:19).


Remember, don’t declare what you feel. Declare what you want.



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