Gratitude in a Pack of Groundnuts


It takes alot to bring me to tears but buying groundnut from this beautiful young girl almost weakened my bones.

I had just alighted from a bike when I saw this little girl with four “nylons” of groundnut scattered on a tray on her head.

“Brother, come and buy groundnut”, she beckoned.

“Okay”, I said. “Na only N50 own you get oooo and na the big N100 I want”, while looking at the tray on her head.

“Brother, buy two N50 and make am N100. Na the same thing”, she replied very sharply.

I laughed.

“Sharp girl, okay so you get wet groundnut?”, I enquired.

“Yes. I get wet one. All the four of them na wet groundnut. Dry one don finish”.

“Okay, give me one”, I said.

“Brother, please buy two”, she begged (with the eyes of a girl tired and just wanted to sell off the groundnut left and head home).

“I want to but only one”, I replied handing her a N200 note.

“I no get change, make I go find change”, she said as she left her tray on a table where we stood and dashed across the street to get change.

It was at this moment that reality dawned on me. God showed me in a flash how fortunate I was in life. Never did I hawk. Never did I beg for food. Never did I owe school fees. Never did I wear dirty or worn out clothes. Never did I miss school to sell one thing or the other.

No one chooses where he/she is born. This girl didn’t choose to be born in a poor family neither did I choose to be born into an affluent one.

I am not better than her. I am not holier. I am not smarter. I am not finer or more blessed. I am just fortunate enough to be born into a well-to-do family.

I was in this deep thought and almost in tears when she dashed back with N100 change.

“Brother, see your change”, she said as I tried to regain my compusure.

“Take the change, I dash you”, I said appreciatively.

“Brother, you dash me N100?” She said with a heartwarming smile.

“Yes”, I replied.

“Brother migwo (thank you in Urhobo) she said admiring her “pot of gold”.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Selena”, she replied

“How old are you?”

“12 years old” (honestly speaking, she looks 8. That’s what malnutrition can do to a child)

I checked my wallet, brought out my complimentary card and gave it to her.

“Who has a phone in your house?”, I asked.

“Mummy no get phone, daddy no dey stay with us. Nobody get phone for house”.

“Give am to your mummy, tell her to call me”

“Yes Za” she replied and she placed her tray of groundnut on her head and left smiling.

Why did I give her my complimentary card, you might ask.

Well, that’s between me and God.

There are Three G’s in this little girl’s story I want you to learn from; God, Gratituden and Giving.

There is a God. I am grateful to God for my life and where I am today. I am giving out to the less privileged.

Be grateful people. Be grateful.

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  1. Sometimes, we fail to realise how truly lucky we are. I’ve had a wonderful time reading through your blog this morning! I will be back again

    1. My brother, you have said it all. I am glad you found the blog, we are lucky to have you as a reader. Thanks for the comments and likes. Please keep them coming. I appreciate.

      1. *My sister haha I actually love your blog! I check it on a daily basis. It is both funny and informative. Please continue

      2. It’s a she? EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. Hahahaha that was the case the last time I checked anyway! Just continue keeping me entertained and I’ll forgive you. Maybe.

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