You are Jollof Rice, Wait For Your Chicken

jollof love

Sitting down at the reception venue watching my friend dance ever so romantically with his new wife, only one thought kept creeping into my head.

For I had finished demolishing the small chops and bottle water on my table and was hungry.
I was in need of food!!!!!!!

Then I remembered the Bible scripture, Ecclesiastes 7:8 which says that “Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof”. I knew that jollof rice and chicken would soon be served. The Bible never lies.

Just as I thought, the waiters started their primary mission at the wedding. Jollof rice and chicken was being served.

But as my stomach was longing for some jollof affection, the writer in me caught a vision. The jollof rice and chicken vision.

In this World where love and lust are often misplaced.
In this World where we are told that love sometimes hurts and is unpleasant.
In this World where prenups are inserted into marriage certificates.
In this World where make-up brushes are used to hide marital bruises.
In this World where white lies are used to cover up infidelity.
In this World where divorce is the norm and divorce lawyers charge by the hour. .
In that one Jollof-and-chicken moment, it dawned on me that love is not sorrowful but sweet.

Love doesn’t hurt but builds.

Love isn’t restless but patient.

Love does not envy or boast but is meek and understanding.

Love is not arrogant or rude but soft and supportive.

Love is not vengeful but forgiving.

Love does not insist on its own way but full of compromise.

In whatever you do. Find someone that compliments you like this smoked peppered chicken compliments jollof rice so effortlessly.

The same way you don’t force your feet into shoes not your size. Don’t force your love into a heart not meant for you.

You are jollof rice, don’t settle for small chops. Be patient and your chicken will locate you. Relax!!!!!!!

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