F*#k What Anyone Else Thinks

live your life

I had just finished a meeting and it was time for a group photograph. We all took our positions and struck our poses​ and ‘kichim kichim kichim’, the camera shutter sound escaped into the air and pictures were taken.

One after the other, we all filed to the camera lady to take a look at the pictures and in that rather conspicuous moment, a lesson that would change my life forever was birthed.

When everyone in the group looked at the pictures, every single one of them including myself wasn’t looking out for anyone else asides themselves. Each person wanted to know if they looked good in the pictures. No one cared about anyone else.

Life’s biggest lesson: No one really gives a f*#k about you except you.

So why then do we base our decisions in life on what people will think?

Why do you stay in abusive relationship​ because of what people will say?

Why do we stay on the same spot because what he/she will feel?

Why bother about people’s opinion when they don’t pay your damn bills.

When the picture of life is taken and everyone’s​ taking account, who would you hold responsible for how you lived yours?

You only have one life. Live like you want it to actually mean something. (Effin Heros)

And remember, only God cares about you more than you care about yourself and you are accountable to Him. So live a life He will be proud of and damn anyone’s opinion.

We only get one shot at life…Don’t let fear or external opinions hold you back. let’s GO!!!


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