Talk of The Devil: The Conversation in Hell

I really wonder what the devil would say when his dark angels bring him a newspaper report of all the people on Earth blaming him for their heinous crimes.

The devil is not omni-present (in all places at once), only God is so he beckons his Chief of Staff to invite the dark angels put in place to manipulate the people accusing him for their misfortune.

“Hey you. Dark Angel Foolish Thing (DAFT), one Mr. Anthony that lives in California that you are supposed to manipulate accused me of making him steal a car and selling it in EBay, is that true?

“The devil has spoken, can I speak?” DAFT starts as the devil gives him a nod to speak.
“Devil, Mr. Anthony is a big fool. I only manipulated him to jack his neighbor’s Lambogini, use it to take his girlfriend out, have a good time and then park it discreetly at a location. The idiot’s self centeredness made him take the car and his foolishness made him intend selling it on all places EBay. Devil, you are innocent of his accusations.”

“You. Silly Little Useless Thing (SLUT), you were put in charge of monitoring Vanessa, why is she accusing me of making her sleep with all her lecturers”.

“Jesus!!!!!”, SLUT screamed.

*The ground trembles*

“You slut, how many times have we warned you not to mention that name here”, Devil vibrates. 

“The devil has spoken, can I speak?” SLUT begins as the devil reluctantly gives her a nod to speak.

“Master Devil, I am sorry for uttering that name. I am just surprised by Vanessa’s accusation. She’s a liar. She failed a course in school because she wasn’t feeling too well and I advised her to sleep with the lecturer instead of taking the course again. When she became well, instead of reading for her papers, she continued sleeping with the lecturer and even others to pass. How is that my fault? She’s a very stupid girl for accusing you. It’s totally her fault.

“All you Dark Angels. Pay attention. Human beings are loved by “The Supreme Being” so you know we can’t touch them. Your job is not to make them do anything bad. Your job is to manipulate their conscience so much so that they don’t even know the difference between bad and good anymore. You all remember how I manipulated Adam and Eve in the beginning. I didn’t force them to eat the forbidden fruit, they eat it because they wanted to. You are never to take the blame for the actions of human beings. Guide them and let them act on their own greed/selfishness. You all know on Judgment day, we all in Hell will answer for our transgressions. Let’s make sure that “The Supreme Being” is aware that we aren’t to be blamed for the actions of human beings on Earth.

“AM I CLEAR?” Devil sounds off.

“Yes. Talk of the devil” All the dark angels responded in unison.

You are all dismissed!!!!!!!

Back to Earth and keep up the good work…….

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