The Music of Your Life is Being Played


Years ago, just before a major concert, a member of Arturo Toscanini’s Orchestra approached the great Italian musical conductor with an expression of sheer terror on his face:

“Maestro,” which means, “Master,” “My instrument is not working properly. I cannot reach the E-Flat note. What am I to do now? We are to begin in a few moment and the hall is jam- packed!” His voice began to fail coupled with a feeling of anxiety/depression enveloped the room.

Toscanini looked at the man with utter amazement. Then he smiled kindly, and placed an arm around his shoulders. “My friend” he smiled, “do not worry about it. The damaged note (E-FLAT) does not appear anywhere in the music that you will be playing this evening.”

The shocked instrumentalist just stood speechless for a few seconds and burst into a loud laughter. Their performance that night was historic!


But never forget that just before the great show, he was worried and disturbed over nothing!

Sadly, that’s the lifestyle of millions on planet earth! They worry over issues that will never even appear later in the music of their lives. This young man was worried over the E-FLAT key that was never a part of the show he was preparing for.

Oh! What a life! Determine that you will not devote your time to worry/depression/anxiety.

You will discover that a great majority of your anticipated problems or troubles do not come to pass! This means that most of the time we devote to worrying,even the constructive kind that prompts you to try to come up with a solution, is wasted.

Phillipians 4:6(NIV) says, “Be anxious for nothing but in everything, by prayer and supplication, let your request be made known to God.”

“Champions keep playing till they get it right” (Billie Team King).

“Learn to live each day by itself, the worries are mostly about yesterday and tomorrow.” (Herman Bailey).

In the remaining months of 2017, be anxious for nothing! Look daily to God! Always remember the E-FLAT KEY! Conquer worry!




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