The Bowwow Challenge: Living A Fake Life


On the 8th of May, Shad Moss aka Bow Wow posted a picture on IG of a fine looking jet, with a caption about traveling to New York City. Unlike the rest of us, who settle for shots of cramped seats or pretty clouds. Bow Wow wanted us to know he rolls in style.

shad moss

Except that isn’t actually his photo.

In some minutes, travelers posted pictures of Bow Wow who claimed to be flying “private jet” in an economy passenger seat on an airline.

shad moss2

As the news about Bow Wow’s post spread, people responded by getting creative with their own deceptive aspirational images. With the hashtag #bowwowchallenge trending online.

oge okoye

As Nigerians would be very aware, we are only recovering from the Oge Okoye and KCee “fake” pictures on IG debacle. The actress ‘lifted’ pictures of two dogs belonging to someone else and passed them off as hers while the musician also “lifted” wards of dollars and passed them off as his.


And now this…..

Bow Wow, Oge Okoye, Kcee and many of us regularly take pictures, pose with people’s clothes, jeweleries, whips, use nice filters and background with clever tricks of framing to give our followers the impression that our lives are more glamorous than it actually is.

Why even bother?

Why claim you don’t know Banky W when the “local” boy in the house won the damn price?

Why form Queen’s English when the dude speaking pidgin was loved by Nigerians?

Why follow men old enough to be your father’s boss to snap pictures in locations beyond your influence when you can manage selfies in your fine church?

Why struggle to be what you are not when it’s far easier to be who you are?

Don’t be Bow Wow claiming to fly royalty when flying economy gets you to the same location.

Don’t be an Oge Okoye posing with Oyimbo looking dogs when locally bred dogs are still cute and loyal.

Don’t be a KCee posing with someone else’s Dollars when your own Naira will do just fine.

Don’t be a Gifty forming tush and imported when you loved and voted for the local Efe.

Be yourself, on IG and in real life.

You will live a happier and longer life.



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