God Can Bless You Anywhere




It simply means wherever you are, when God decides to bless you, even those abroad will hear of story. Let go and let God.

Coming back from my academic sojourn in the United Kingdom, one question came coming up…

Why did you come back?

Why did you come back?

Why did you come back?

I was working in Coventry City and being payed the minimum wage which was £6.19/hr back then and I work 40 hours a week which was close to £250/week which amounted to N87,000 per week.

Imagine working for a month. It was good money for a fresh graduate like me.

Hence the veracity of their enquiry.

Like something was actually wrong with me for coming back to Nigeria.

“We are looking for means to travel abroad, you go abroad and you are coming back to this country. No jobs. No power. Corruption everywhere”, Uche said.

Dapo interjected, “You are coming back to a country where you need ‘connection’ for everything?
To get a job, you need connection. To eat jollof rice at a wedding, you need connection. You chat girls up, they will ask you ‘who gave you my pin/number?’ meaning to even date or marry, you need connection. This country is *bleeped* up”.

I know Dapo and Uche meant well but I couldn’t help but laugh at some of their reasons for wanting me to stay back in the “land flowing with milk and honey”.

What they failed to realize is that I am richer in Nigeria than in England. Maybe not financially but I had family, friends, confidants that I could fall back on whenever I got weary.

What they fail to discern is that one can never be legally ‘filty’ rich abroad. Every dime you make is scrutinized. Make too much and draw suspicions. In Nigeria, make as much as your mind can handle.

What my friends failed to register in their thinking is that you live forever as a 4th class citizen. First class is the British, Second class are the Americans and Europeans, third class are the other races then Africans come last. What that means is that you get in trouble, you are guilty automatically without trial. What a life to live….

What they fail to comprehend is that worshipping God abroad is like seeing a Range Rover being used as a taxi. Very rare.

What they fail to realize is that cold abroad can finish someone’s career. At temperatures below zero degrees celsius, you dare not bath without hot water. Death straight.

What they fail to realize is that those abroad don’t have tradition. No respect for their elders. No regard for older ones. Definitely not where you want to raise your kids.

What they fail to realize is that the Government of UK will tax your life away. Every penny made is taxed. Taxed money is enough to build you a mansion in Nigeria.

What they finally fail to fathom is the fact that my help is from above not from abroad.
That God in London is the same God in Warri.
That God blesses those He blesses not those living in snowy environments. That God loves us all equally.
That Jesus didn’t just die for the white man.
That God said I will prosper wherever I set my foot and whether that’s in Maryland in the USA or Maryland in Ikeja.

Work hard and God will bless you. Relax.

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