When Love Becomes Stressful

blessing burden

While breaking up with my ex-girlfriend for the umpteenth time, I looked her in the eyes and prayed for a man that would understand her because I knew I wasn’t that man.

It might sound self-conceited with a tad of sarcasm but I meant that prayer with the last fiber in my being.

We had dated for a little over two years, had beautiful times together, motivated each other countless times but in less than 30 months, we had broken up and made up more times than I could remember.

She wasn’t a bad person. Very far from it. In fact she was adorable, soft on the inside, caramel on the outside but there was something about her that I couldn’t stand and she didn’t correct.

Why didn’t I end it with her ever since?

I thought she could change and she promised to change. All to no avail.

The time was up and I knew I couldn’t spend the rest of my life with her so as I said those words to her as we ended the relationship once and for all with tears welling up in both our eyes, I meant my prayer with all the facets of my body.

She has taught me something about love;
Love should never be hard work.
Love should never be uncomfortable.
Love should never be stressful.

Love just fits. Like a shoe. It’s either tight and uncomfortable or fits right in and enjoyable.

The truth is that the same shoe that didn’t fit you will slide into someone’s feet like hot knife cutting butter.

Remember this, don’t mistake love for compatibility. You can be in love with someone but you guys are not meant for eachother.

It’s a smart person that recognises this, stops fretting and managing love, walks away and waits for the right one to come.

Who God has for you will see you as a blessing, not a burden.

Cheer up.


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