When Two Shall Become One

tied together

This is what they mean when they say “two shall become one”. .

Tied together in good times and in bad times.

Tied together when he looses his job and savings are getting depleted.

Tied together when she on her period or not just in the mood for sex.

Tied together when she gains weight during pregnancy and fails to loose much of it after birth.

Tied together when he becomes frustrated with business and looking for an escape route.

Tied together when his favourite football team looses and she can’t laugh because she’s also a fan by default.

Tied together when her breasts begin to sag and his dick begins to lose erection.
Tied together when he cheats on her or when she sneaks around.

Tied together when the kids becomes their number one priority.

Tied together even when children aren’t forth coming and the doctors see no fault in both parties.

Remember, before you get married, are you ready to be tied to your partner till death do you part?

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