What GIRL POWER Really Means


We need to tell our girls that “GIRL POWER” has absolutely nothing to do with their skin color, boobs, hips or ass size.
It has nothing to do with how big or flat her tummy is or how beautiful her face looks.
It has nothing to do with how many guys compliment her or how many girls despise her.
It has nothing to do with her grades in school or the caliber of clothes on your body.

“GIRL POWER” is that attribute that God deposited in women that helps men survive.
It’s that intuition that makes a woman know when something is going wrong even before a man figures it out.
It’s that ability to multi-task that can make a man go mad if he tried it.
It’s that warm receptive nature that makes even the coldest of men feel warm in her embrace.
It’s that motherly grit that makes a woman take care of children, work, cook and do domestic chores all the same time.
It’s that loving sacrifice that makes a woman give up her job/career to build up her family.
It’s that love and humility that makes a woman handle pressure internally and externally just to help her family stand.
It’s that forgiveness that would make a lady defend a man that has failed to defend her.

When girls are told to “use what they have to get what they want”, it should never about using her body. It should entail using her God given attributes to achieve her God given position.

Remember, the only time it is allowed for a woman to be under a man is during sex. Never feel inferior to any man. You are superior to men that’s why God used a rib to create woman not the dust He used to create man.

Woman Power is powerful. Never be made to feel inferior.
Never ever ever!!!!!

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