May Your Don Jazzy Locate You


Sometime in 2015, a friend sent me the link to a song by one Johnny Drille. Never heard of the artist but after listening to the song for about 200 times, I couldn’t stop making noise about it. The song “Wait For Me” is a beautiful tear dropping song with a warm country/folk rhythm that would surely capture the heart of the listener.


According to the artist, “As I stayed up all night in my bedroom studio listening to the finished ‘Wait For Me‘, I soon realized it was my most emotional song yet. It meant much more to me, it was an experience. For those of us who have had to leave loved ones behind, not sure of what the future was going to bring, ‘Wait For Me‘ tells that story. It is my dedication to love.“


I shared his song on every platform I could lay my hands on and even sent it via Bluetooth (this was 2015 before Xender took over) to friends but till today, the song has only 37,000 views on YouTube and was still without a video.


Up stepped Don Jazzy……


The musical genius saw Johnny Drille’s star, signed him up to his record label, Mavin Records and sponsored a video for a 2015 song and in just two days of the video’s release, it had garnered 51,000 views and counting as at time of writing this article.


Now everyone is talking about Johnny Drille and I’m like, if you have good taste in music, songs from people like Johnny Drille, Brymo and Dare, should never be alien to your ears.


So what’s the point of this article.

To berate people that listen to “tingba tingba music” and ignore soul searching songs?

No. Who am I to decide one’s taste.

I’m here to remind you of the importance of praying for a helper.

Don Jazzy has become Johnny Drille’s helper in this case.


No matter how good, dedicated or hardworking you are, a helper will give you the platform and audience to showcase your gist and talent.

God is not your helper.

God is the expert helper providing specialist.

May your ‘Don Jazzy’ locate you.




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