Wedding Proposals Gone Wrong


There is something magnificent about marriage proposals. You know that moment a man surprises his girlfriend in public and usually in the midst of friends. He goes down on one knee with an engagement ring in one hand and pops the question every girl longs to hear. It’s always followed with the lady covering her face and mouth in shock and ‘tearly’ blotting out the word every guy wants to hear “YES”.

Marriage proposals are cute and endearing leaving everyone around with that awwwwwwwww feeling.

But what happens when after all the efforts, the girl says NO.

We never get to hear that part of the story, do we?

So this is the NO story you don’t get to hear. True life stories by men and women who shared details about marriage proposals that were turned down on Whisper (an anonymous secret sharing website).

Below are some of their stories and my take on them.


3c850c4100000578-4158744-image-a-9_1485467982892Be sure where her heart lies before you propose marriage. Test the waters. Ask her questions about the future. Make sure you both have the same goals and visions.



3c850c7300000578-4158744-image-a-17_1485468212836Being romantic doesn’t substitute for understanding and companionship. It’s not about the gifts, the shopping sprees and what have you. Instead on focusing on making her look and feel good, lay emphasis on building a relationship marriage worthy.



3c850c8900000578-4158744-image-a-20_1485468234374What do you want and when do you want it? It’s time to discuss what you want with your spouse. That’s the importance of communication. He wants to get married this year and you want to get married in two year’s time. It’s time to reach a compromise that would work for both parties.



3c850c8e00000578-4158744-image-a-19_1485468228112Are you ‘Queen’ enough for the ‘Prince Charming’ you are praying for? It’s time to build yourself enough to accommodate that dream spouse you keep praying for. Accommodate means taking in their flaws and excesses. If he snores, can you stand it? If he has a child, can you handle it? If she has a dark secret, can you live with it?



3c850c7700000578-4158744-one_young_woman_said_she_turned_down_her_boyfriend_s_proposal_be-a-4_1485470950574Are you ready? Readiness has many facets;
Are you physically ready? (old enough)
Are you mentally ready? (mature enough)
Are you financially ready?
Are you physiologically ready?
Be ready before taking that plunge.



3c850c6a00000578-4158744-image-a-22_1485468254698Stop dating someone you can’t marry. Stop sharing your life with someone you don’t intend living it with. Stop sharing your secrets with someone you don’t intend growing old with. Why date her when you don’t want to marry her? In case you don’t value your time value theirs.


3c850c8500000578-4158744-image-a-21_1485468243581It never is and never will be about the size of the ring or the size of the wedding. It’s always about the heart. For better for worse. In sickness and in health. In rich and in poor.



3c850c4500000578-4158744-others_revealed_how_their_proposals_were_not_only_rejected_but_t-a-1_1485470950380Never assume. Know your stand in his or her life. While you might be waiting for his proposal, he might be buying a ring for someone else. While you might be planning for the proposal, she might be planning her wedding with someone else. Don’t assume.



3c850c6100000578-4158744-image-a-16_1485468140183For the ladies, never be in a hurry. Don’t sell your self short out of impatience. Be patient enough to wait for him to do what he ought to do. Proposal is a man’s thing. Don’t emasculate your man.



3c850c6e00000578-4158744-image-a-15_1485468103604What’s worth doing is worth doing well. For certain ladies, the proposal is as much as a big deal as the wedding itself. Know her taste and try as much as possible to meet it. The key word is ‘try’.


People Share Rejected Marriage Proposals by KHALEDA RAHMAN FOR MAILONLINE. Click HERE to read.


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