What Men and Dogs Have in Common


The time was 6pm and I had just finished work and was about heading home when it dawned on me that I had no food to eat at home. The lazy bachelor in me wasn’t prepared to cook so simply decided to branch at the restaurant/mama-put close to the office and get something to eat at home.

I had just entered the compound when my neighbor’s local dogs surrounded me. I was startled because these dogs never acted like I existed but I was too tired to think straight. I was a bachelor heading home to an empty house and here were these lovely dogs showing me some love. It was heartwarming and while basking in the euphoria of their “love”, I foolishly decided to drop some of my belongings on the floor beside me, kneel down and pet a few of the puppies wagging their tails at me.

As if a cloak was removed from my eyes, the seemingly caring dogs slowly began descending on my nylon filled with hot and sumptuous fufu with oha soup and roasted chicken.

Can you imagine?

So these dogs were showing me attention all along just to get a taste of my dinner. I got up so fast, picked my things and left for my room to be welcomed home by my television set and bed. At least these ones have no ulterior motive. In all seriousness, this episode thought me something very valuable, that dogs will always be dogs. Dogs like flesh/bone/food and will naturally be attracted to people that have such to offer. The law of attraction.

It’s in this vein I would like to point out something valuable about man’s attraction to a woman’s body.


I have heard some women called men dogs but it seems most of them don’t know why they call men dogs.
Men aren’t necessarily called dogs because they can sleep with anything in skirt (even dogs aren’t that promiscuous).
Men aren’t called dogs because of their uncanny love for doggy style during sex. Very far from it.
Men are called dogs because like dogs are attracted to flesh. For dogs, flesh connotes food while for men flesh is a woman’s breasts and ass.

Some months back, I went clubbing with friends and a few girls entered the club. These girls looked very young and were obviously students but their mode of dressing left nothing to the imagination. It didn’t require the services of a witch doctor to know their true intentions. They were there to display their assets, let their assets attract male customers who would in turn pay handsomely for their services.

I can understand these girls a bit because they aren’t at the club to find someone to date them, take them seriously or propose marriage. They were simply there to make money.

It’s then-shocking that girls who would want a serious relationship with a man that would end up in marriage would start the mission erroneously by attracting him like a dog with her flesh.

Girls of nowadays have taken the flesh flaunting rhetoric up a notch. Social gathering, social media platforms, schools, weddings and even churches are inundated with girls displaying their sumptuous shapes in body-hugging clothes, flaunting eye-popping cleavage, wearing skirts closer to their waist than their knees. All in the name of fashion and as the law of attraction promises, they attract dogs. Then when he gets what he came for (the same booty you were flaunting) and leaves, they cry murder calling men all sorts of names.


As was my case from the beginning of this article, I attracted the dogs to me because I displayed something they wanted. The club girls attracted those randy men at the club because they displayed something they wanted. You will attract the kind of men with the sort of tools you display. You display boobs and ass, you will attract fuck boys. It’s not a curse, it’s the law of attraction.

As someone once said, breasts and ass can get a man but it takes sense and the right attitude to keep him.

The flesh you display should be synonymous to the sense you have. The more sense you have the less flesh you should display. Compensate for no sense by displaying more flesh. You have more sense, less flesh is required.

Dress the way you want to be addressed, they say. Then you dress scantily and expect to be addressed fully (pun intended).

You cannot eat your cake and have it Madam Sexy.


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