When Temptations Become Too Tempting


Some days back, a friend told me of how her polygamous father had refused to take care of her tuition in school. She needed money to further her education and had no one to assist her not even her own siblings cared.

Then one day, an angel popped up.

A devil’s angel I must add for he is a married man.

All she had to do was sleep with him when he desired and she would get all the money she needed.

Very tempting offer which she gave heed and later succumbed. He payed her fees and she slept with him occasionally.

She told me and I was livid. “You are selling your soul to the devil”, I said without mincing words.
“Let him go and let God take care of your tuition His own way”. I said.

She decided to forgo his overtures, return his gifts and told him NO!
Mind you, she just finished her first year and needed tuition fees for her second year in school.

Her friend on the other hand was having none of it. She was very angry that she didn’t keep giving him what he wants to get what she wants.

Let’s call this friend of mine Stella.

While giving her my two cents worth if advice, a story I heard as a small boy growing up came to mind.

There was this young boy who had a dream. In his dream, he saw that he was destined to be great in life. He told everyone who cared to listen about his dream including his brothers who took offense not only at his dreams but their father’s favouritism attitude towards him.

A few years after his days of dreams, he ended up as that a house-help. Not a zone where he envisioned seeing himself even after his BIG dreams. Instead of feeling sorry for himself or asking God questions or looking for sharp corners to cut to get his desired dreams met, he decided to put his hands to work and work he did.

His dreams weren’t coming to pass yet, the economy wasn’t looking up, financially he was in dire need, in all facets of life, he wasn’t doing well but this young man knew that the only distance between God and good is time. Time enough to prepare. Time enouh to work hard. Time enough to build himself. Delya is not denial, he thought to himself occasionally.

This young man worked so hard as a common house help and God blessed him and he found favour in the eyes of his boss. He was so good at his job that his boss handed everything in his house to this young man. This is trust 101.

But there was a catch……

His boss’ wife had other intentions.

For this young man was very handsome, had a nice physique, well spoken and very likeable. As he was busy working and earning his daily bread, his boss’ wife was longing for him. The shameless woman didn’t think of it as ungodly or unjust, she wanted what she wanted and what she wanted was for this young man to sleep with her. Simple.

Let’s stop here……

As the young man that I am, being favoured by my boss is one thing but to be wanted for sexual favours by his wife is another thing entirely. My boss wouldn’t find out, no one else apart from me and her would know. It would be out little secret. She is even willing to take good care of me financially. Considering that the recession is biting hard, money is failing and even helpers are broke. I think it’s a very easy way out. Sex for money. I like that idea. She even promised to buy me that car that I liked. That brand new iPhone I desired would be mine. Some extra money to take care of my tuition and feeding would be mine at the snap of my fingers. In all these, my boss wouldn’t find out. It’s a win-win.

Only if I was this young man, opportunity comes but ones, grab it with both hands (no pun intended).

But that did his naive young man do?

Not what I would have done.
Not what that girl looking for school fees would have done.
Not what that jobless man looking for some money would have done.
Not what money and possession minded people would have done.

The young man refused to sleep with her and in his holier than thou attitude said “how can I do this great wickedness (against my boss by sleeping with his wife) and sin against God?

This young man knew what he was being told to do was a sin both against his boss and mostly against God. It was gonna be fun (sexual immortality is always fun) but he knew the repercussions of this level of “fun”. He vehemently refused and thought that was the end of the matter.

As the story goes, his boss’ wife wasn’t given up so easily. She spoke to him day by day and he always maintained his stand and refused to sleep with her. Then on a fateful day, this young man went into the house to do his work and this shameless woman caught him by his polo shirt and wanted to rape him. But he left his shirt in her hands and ran away.

To cut the long story short, she accused him of rape to hide her shame, he was locked up in jail and after a few years, he was released and made Prince in a foreign land.

As if you didn’t already know let me introduce you to Joseph in the Bible.

Everyday temptations are rife and every now and then we would be tempted to compromise our beliefs and let down out guard just to make ends meet.
Just one sex to make so much money wouldn’t hurt anybody.
Just that email to dope that Oyimbo wouldn’t hurt anybody.
Just that lie to cover up that stolen money wouldn’t hurt anybody.

Are you so sure?

We need to realize that sin is sin. No big sin or small sin. Sin stains. It makes your prayers inconsequential and your cries to God null and void.

You need to avoid that temptation that’s clouding your spirituality.

3 ways to avoid temptation:
1. Flee: You are in mental struggle to either succumb to this sumptuous offer or maintain your stand. It’s not time to quote scripture or form strong. It’s time to flee. Run. The Bible said in 2 Timothy 2:22 “Run from temptations that capture young people…” (CEV).
That man that keeps tempting you with money to sleep with you. Run away from him. Block his number. Don’t pick his calls. Don’t reply his messages. Run. Run. Like Joseph did, run.

2. Submit to God: It’s one thing resisting the devil on your own. It’s only thing entirely resisting the devil by submitting yourself to God. In the former, the devil would come back with reinforcements (Matthew 12:45) but in the latter, the devil knows whose boss and would give way for a higher authority. Darkness can’t stand light, no matter how hard it tries.

You can’t resist temptations on your own accord. The economy is biting hard. Your tuition isn’t paid. Things aren’t looking up. You need to let go and let God. Without Him, you are prey for the devil and his cohorts. The devil has money to throw away. Never forget that.

3. Hang around the godly: Taking a cue from Stella’s story, her friend took offence to her returning the married man’s gifts and kept urging her to sleep with the married man to get her tuition paid for. What a friend!!!!!

Stay away from people that make sin a lifestyle. Those that make sin trendy and something one must do to survive. Keep friends with the godly. Those that fear God. Friendship is not by force but by choice. Psalms 1:1 “Blessed is the one who does not walk in the counsel of the ungodly not stands in the way of sinners..”

Lastly, remember that temptations are strife and you would get tempted. That’s for sure but falking inyo temptation is an option you can’t take. Run. Resist the devil and keep godly friends.
You will survive.
Let go and let God.

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