The Arrival. The End.


Sitting down in my office and staring at the monitor with tears rolling down my face. I tried hiding them to avoid provoking the “are you okay?” questions from my colleagues at work but it seemed the more I hid them the more they came pouring down.

It’s the first day of the last month in the year and I should be grateful for life but here I was drowning myself in tears. What’s so wrong?

In front of me was the musical performance by some gospel artists known as BLW Rap Nation with the song titled “The Arrival”.

This tears provoking performance opened my eyes to my shortcomings. My shortcomings as a minister of the word of God. I have become more concerned with making money that I have delegated the primary reason I am here on Earth which is to preach the gospel of God to my Pastor.

We have become more obsessed with making ends meet, so much so that every corner we turn to there is someone talking about fast money making platforms like MMM. Most are Christians that have never told someone about God a day in their lives.

We have become so familiar with God that we only go to church on Sundays to fulfill all righteous and pray only when we need something from Him.

We have become so engrossed with family that we put them first and keep Jesus at a distance until we require Him for something….for our family.

The devil has taken over social media with nudity a norm. The devil and his cohorts have taken over the music industry with scantily dressed girls and profanity speaking artists making the most money and becoming role models to the young ones. Evil has permeated the movie industry with nude scenes and gay romance embedded in every script for it to make headway. Unrighteousness has been legislated into our lives with the legalization of gay marriage and praise of transgender people the norm of the day.

What have we done?


You claim to be a Christian. You claim to love God. You claim to speak in tongues. You claim to have a good heart but what have you done to stop this menace? As Edmund Burke said, “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.

Do we keep doing nothing?

Jesus is coming back again, are you prepared for His arrival?

Jesus is coming back again, are you telling the World of His arrival?


It’s obvious in no time the trumpet will sound. A husband and wife might be walking in the field and only one or even none might be taken.

When we all stand, both great and small, rich and poor, gay and straight before God to judge our fate.

When the book of life is opened and it’s time to give account on how you lived your life.

Would your name be in that Book?
Will your colleague in the office’s name be in that Book (yes the one you hung out with all the time).
Will your roommate’s name be found in that Book? (yes the one you saw going out with married men but you kept quiet because ‘it’s not my business’).
Will your neighbor’s name be in that Book? (yes that same one you never invited to church or even spoke a word of God to).

Heaven and hell is real, this is reality. Time is short, the harvest is plenty, but laborers are few. Don’t wait for someone else, it’s up to me and you.


Lets delve into every sector, entertainment, politics, the banking sector, academics and even sports, taking the gospel with us.

Let’s preach the gospel in every nation in every city in every tribe and in every tongue.

Tell everyone you know, big or small, tell them that Jesus is coming. Tell it from the mountain tops to the valleys, tell them that Jesus is coming soon.

It’s up to me and you to snatch the souls from the devil. It’s not a job for your Pastor alone. It’s a job for all of us.


Abraham, David, Moses, Paul, all those mighty men of God you read about in the Bible are in Heaven looking down on us.

Would they be proud?

We need to stand up and be counted.

Make this pledge by saying “I am going to preach the gospel to the whole wide World”.


Tears have stopped streaming down my face but I have made up my mind to seek first the Kingdom of God and all things that men seek (money, power, family, love, cars, good job etc) will be added onto me (Matthew 6:33).

I hope you do the same.

Happy New Month and God bless you richly.


Please don’t forget to download the video and audio of “The Arrival” by BLW Rap Nation by clicking HERE. Stay blessed.

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